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sketch artist and tez-j, btc talent, hear it nation, @godofhiphop, @thetezj, open season radio,

Replay Killer Ken's 4/21/18 interview with Sketch Artist.

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open season radio, hear it nation, sketch artist and tez-j, @godofhiphop, @thetezj,

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sketch artist and tezj, @godofhiphop, @thetezj, hear it nation


Broadcasting live every Sunday from our studio,

 7 - 9 pm, aired on Hear It Nation.

Open Season Radio is a hilariously funny, uncensored talk show which has quickly become Hear It Nation's #1 show.

Sketch Artist, Tez-J and Terrance debate sports / politics / Hollywood / the world music scene and whatever is in the news.  Everything is fair game.

Other features of the show:

 "What Grinds My Gears?" "The Great Debate",  "Half Ass of The Week",

 the "Sketch Synopsis" and "Sports Round Up"

Open Season - live every Sunday.  

Tune in for hot takes and cheap shots.

Opens Season broadcasts live

every Sunday from 7 - 9 pm on Hear It Nation.  

Hear It Nation - based in the Detroit area, devoted to music.

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