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​​​​​​​​​Sketch Artist

 Our egotistical, free-styling street rapper from Ferndale MI takes hip hop off auto pilot. Brutal punchlines, free music and exceptional lyricism.

Sketch Artist's solo debut album“ God of Hip Hop Vol 1” (2013) and “Self-Conscious” (2014) the follow up, included original music and remixes from radio hits.

2015 - "Family Tithes"collaboration project with Tez-J ran into many challenges but fans waited patiently and devoured every explicit lyric.  Songs "I DO", "The Time" and "Ridin' Thru" were featured on Young Money Unsign Hype Vol 13 & 14

God of Hip Hop Vol 2, Thanks Lou” (2016) dripped with sarcasm, ferocious verses and multiple layers of meaning.  ​


Sketch Artist drowns out the world and launches one of his strongest project to date.  His pent up anger erupts on

FISH BOWL and his vicious onslaught begins. 2017's most talked about hip hop albums! 

"Smell a Murder" on Young Money Unsign Hype Vol 18.

 Sketch Artist announced the debut of “Open Season Radio”.  This uncensored, hilariously funny debate, sports, news talk show broadcasts live every Sunday from 7 – 9 pm, on Hear It Nation. The show quickly went to #1.

Aug 2018 - The Revenge Tour release!


Sketch Artist & Tez-J!!!

​Tune in to their uncensored debate / sports / music / talk show. ​"Half Ass of the Week", "What Grinds Their Gears", and "The Great Debate". 

Open Season

Sunday's on

Hear It Nation  from 7 - 9 pm.

Call in, ask questions or just speak your mind.


The GOAT, The Boat, @godofhiphop, Sketch Artist,
Sketch Artist, rap, hip hop, @godofhiphop, @theTezJ, btc talent connection,
sketch artist and Tez-J, BTC Talent Connection, @godofhiphop, @theTezJ, Young Money,

2015 release -Family Tithes (collaboration with Tez-J)

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