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Tez-J 2016 EP release - “FREE PILLS”!

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Tez- J 2013 EP release - “I AM YOU”!

Tez- J 2014 EP release - “Audio Ecstasy”!

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2015 release -Family Tithes (collaboration with Sketch Artist)


Sketch Artist & Tez-J!!!

​Tune in to their uncensored debate /

sports / music / talk show.

See who is named "half ass of the week", "what grinds their gears",

and don't miss "the great debate".


Sunday's on Hear It Nation from

7 - 9 pm.

​Call in, ask questions or just speak your mind.



​​​​​"Free Pills" 

Released Oct 2016


Featured as

Track 2


Young Money Unsign Hype

Vol 17







​Vol 18.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Tez- J

Proud of his 8 Mile roots, this incredible R&B vocal style and feel good, soulful vibe rapper keeps it real.

Tez-J's solo debut albumI AM YOU (2013) showcased his energy and artistry with a fun remix of "Shabba".

“AUDIO ECSTASY” (2014), grabbed fans attention with original songs “Halo” “No Concept” and “California King Flo”. 

With so many rappers trying to be something, Tez-J simply keeps raising the bar by making

incredible hip hop.

2015 collaboration project"Family Tithes"with 

Sketch Artist ran into equipment failure and challenges,  but fans waited patiently and devoured every explicit lyric. 

Songs "I DO", "The Time" and "Ridin' Thru" were featured on

Young Money Unsign Hype Vol 13 & 14

FREE PILLS” - released in Nov 2016 -

Tez-J's inventive work illuminated a soulful layer to his vision, giving listeners the full gamut of his personality. A vivid look into the soul of a true artist. ​​


- Tez-J joins as co-host to “Open Season Radio”. 

This uncensored, hilariously funny debate, sports, news talk show broadcasts live every Sunday

from 7 – 9 pm, on Hear It Nation.com